Features need to be considered when you buy a Rosun garbage disposer.

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1. Electric Cord

An electric cord allows the machine to be used with typical outlets; those without the cord need to be hard-wired.


2. Auto-Reverse Mode

This can help a garbage disposer’s spinning blades clear jammed waste, the bane of many disposers. Some models include a blade-oscillating "jaminator" feature for clearing.


3. Horsepower Ratings

Even models with the least powerful, 1/2-hp motor can handle bones and softer waste such as carrots and corn kernels. But if your kitchen waste typically includes tougher stuff, look for a more powerful, 3/4-hp or 1-hp model. Those we tested ground bones fastest and finest, reducing the chance of clogged plumbing traps.


4. Quick-Mount Neck

Most garbage disposers have a quick-mount neck that encourages do-it-yourself installation. But because 3/4- and 1-hp models weigh from 16 to 30 pounds, putting one beneath your sink may be a two-person job.


5. Stainless-Steel Grinding Chamber

Purported to increase durability, our tests show they can be damaged by beef bones and other tough stuff, so they don't guarantee longer life.


6. Warranty

Coverages range from as little as 1 year to 10 years, or even the life of the unit. But a longer warranty doesn't guarantee longer life or better performance, and can add to the price.


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