Riding the green wave, Time for Rosun Food Waste disposer is urgent.

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The government, companies and communities have been doing their part to make Shanghai a greener place, but experts say more can be done to ensure this long quest for sustainability can be successful.


In light of Shanghai's new regulations on waste management, which will go into effect, innovations related to recycling and garbage sorting took center stage at the recent IE Expo China.


"Every sector in the city has been pooling wisdom to create an efficient waste separation and recycling system because of the impending regulations. This means that the market will become even more promising in the future," said Xiao.


Rosun garbage disposal break down kitchen food waste into carbon dioxide, water and other substances. The residual substances will be discharged.


A goal for a greener city

Waste sorting and recycling measures have been carried out in China since about 20 years ago. In 2000, Shanghai and seven other cities including Beijing and Nanjing were selected as the first batch of pilot cities to implement a trash sorting program.


The city's new regulations revolve around establishing a comprehensive system for garbage sorting, collection, transportation and disposal, as well as improving waste treatment facilities and reducing the amount of garbage produced. Rosun garbage disposal adopted safely non-blade design, multi levels grind technology, grinding food waste into smaller particles that are easily washed away.


When the new regulations kick in, the city's residents will be required to sort their garbage into four categories - dry, wet, recyclables and hazardous waste.


Zhejiang Rosun Kitchen & Bath Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacture of quality garbage disposer and accessories since 1992 with a registered capital of USD 1.5 million. It’s located in Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province of China, covers areas of 75,347 sq. ft, owns 129,167 sq. ft of workshop with more than 200 experienced workers and staffs.


Established Disposer laboratory with an independent R&D team, together with a complete production system from moulding, casting, precision machining, polishing and assemble workshop since it’s founded, Rosun has provided professional OEM & ODM services for numerous customers overseas and domestic.