Q & A

Q: Can I install it myself?

A: Twist- and- lock design provides a fast and easy way to install or replace your disposal within 10 mins. Plus, all the necessary hardware is provided and compatible, including a 25.6 inches’ power cord, splash guard, flange, stopper, hex wrench, etc.


Q: Does this have a dishwasher connection?

A: Yes. We provide universal dishwasher port that allows to connect most of household dishwashers.


Q: If the garbage disposal cannot work, what should I do?

A: Step 1, Please make sure cable has been connected to your available home power, instead of switch converters.

Step 2, Shut off firstly, and then please use hex key to contentiously rotate the hole on the base for 2 rounds clockwise and 2 rounds anticlockwise.

Step 3, Please wear your gloves to take out the foreign matter. After waiting for 5 minutes, press the red reset button.


Q: What is the upper housing made of?

A: The housing is made of ABS with high hardness and anti-corrosion, which can be stored without worrying environments


Q: Is it really quiet?

A: Engineered with advanced closed mute technology that helps them make far less noise from 20-60 decibels.


Q: How many rpms is the motor?

A: 120V fine copper motor delivers 1780 revolutions per minute, which guarantees 150% more efficient than normal disposals?