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Modern kitchens are full of amazing innovations designed to make your life easier. One of those conveniences is the Max-4 garbage disposal.


It grinds up the organic matter and food waste that’s put down your drain to reduce the likelihood of clogs and the amount of trash you’re throwing away.


1. Max-4 Garbage disposal installation

If you don’t have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, it could be causing you a lot of frustration! Whether you love to cook or you simply wash a lot of dishes in the sink, having a Max-4 garbage disposal installation in your home could greatly improve your kitchen—and keep your pipes from getting clogged.


2. Learn more about garbage disposal installations

Garbage disposal replacement

Like every appliance in your home, once your garbage disposal reaches a certain age, it will start malfunctioning more often and its performance will start to diminish.


After a while, repairs won’t cut it and your best bet will be a replacement. The expert plumbers can replace your aging garbage disposal with the newest Max-4 garbage disposal  that can last for years to come.


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Garbage disposal repair & maintenance

It’s always frustrating when something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, and your garbage disposal is no exception.


So whether you accidentally started the disposal when a spoon was down the drain or it’s just jammed up and not working properly. Please read the relevant articles and repair your garbage disposal and get everything moving (and grinding) again smoothly.


4. Learn more about garbage disposal

When you need a new Max-4 garbage disposal, contact the plumbers you can trust. Since 1992, our factory committed to providing qualitified food waste disposer.


Contact us today to schedule a new Max-4 garbage disposal!

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We are a factory which specialized in garbage disposal & kitchen utensils.

What services can we provide?

1. Customize packaging according to your company’s brand & logo.

2. Wholesale, retail or dropship garbage disposals to you at the Factory Price!

3. Professional OEM & ODM services.

4. Design the shapes and sizes of garbage disposal according to your instructions.

5. Quick Delivery: small orders, 1-60 machines, we have stock on American warehouse, which located on Dallas, Texas.

6. Delivery: orders quantity over 60 machines, we’ll ship them from Ningbo, China.


As a professional manufacture, we do made-to-order manufacturing at a competitive price and good quality.

We are supplier of many world-famous brands and provided professional OEM & ODM services.

We own a senior R & D team and play a world leading role in AC motor garbage disposal.

>>> The attachment is our latest catalog.


If you need item samples & catalogue, please email us without hesitation, it’s pleasure to serve you.

We hope to build long-term business relationship with you, looking forward to your inquiries.



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