Garbage Disposal Units – A Brief Buyer’s Guide

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Types of Garbage Disposal Units

1. Continuous-Feed Models – As their name itself suggests, continuous-feed garbage disposal units can destroy food and junk shards and mill them into small pieces – continuously. This means that the process itself is to a great extent automated, so you wont have to wait until the unit is full and then hit the button to make it do its thing. So, these are easier to use, really.


2. Batch-Freed Models – The batch-freed garbage disposers function on roughly the same principle as the continuous-feed models, the only difference being that these don’t run on their own. To make them grind garbage, you have to wait until their full, and then press a button or two to make them start working. In comparison to continuous-feed models, batch-feeding ones require you to be present to operate them, so it can be said that they’re not as convenient. (But they still do a good job once you rile them up.)


3. Power Rating

When it comes to the power output garbage disposal units can generate, it’s measured in horsepower. For example, the range of horsepower for home garbage disposal units tends to go from 1/2 HP to 1 HP.


Typically, models on the lower end of the power output scale can tackle softer pieces of garbage, such as carrot leftovers or some tough pieces of fruit such as nut shells. If you regularly need to dispose of tougher waste, such as bones, you’ll need a more powerful garbage disposal unit. (Models ranging from 3/4 HP to 1 HP should do the trick.)


4. Grinding Chamber

Representing the most important part of a garbage disposal unit, the grinding chamber is the place where the waste food gets ground into smaller pieces and thus destroyed. To ensure your garbage disposer will be able to take care of bones and other tough food waste, you might want to consider getting a model with a stainless-steel grinding chamber.


Although this doesn’t necessarily guarantee 100% success all the time, it’d still be your best bet for a sturdy and long-lasting garbage-disposing kitchen utensil.


5. Auto-Reverse Mode

This feature can be a lifesaver.


One of the biggest problems with garbage disposal units is the fact that they can sometimes get stuck. No matter how tough and efficient your waste destroyer happens to be, chances are – sooner or later, it’s going to get jammed.


Now, some clever garbage disposer designers who have been experiencing this problem long enough decided to equip their machines with a means of unjamming a jammed grinding chamber – the auto-reverse mode. The principle is simple: if the grinder gets jammed, run it in reverse the unjam it!


A pretty clever feature you should look for when buying a garbage disposal unit, for sure.


6. Noise Levels

Any sort of machine that’s got a powerful rotating blade hacking through bone ‘n’ other tough substances is going to produce some noise. Garbage disposal units are no different.


In order to reduce the noise to the minimum, however, the manufacturers of these contraptions have made all sorts of efforts to make their products better insulated, and thus less noisy. This, however, also means that the quitter the garbage disposal unit, the bulkier it’s going to be.


So, if you don’t like big and bulky machines in your kitchen, but also can’t stand constant noise, you’ll need to find a fine balance between these two seemingly inseparable aspects of these otherwise useful machines.

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