When Do You Need to Buy A New HomeAid Garbage Disposal Switch?

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When Do You Need to Buy A New HomeAid Garbage Disposal Switch?

The switch allows you to turn your garbage disposal on and off. Switches are used for safety reasons since you need to get your hand out of the garbage disposal in order to operate the switch. Even though automated appliances are becoming the norm, garbage disposal will always have switches for safety reasons.


There are a few situations in which you might have to buy a new switch for your garbage disposal:


1. Nothing happens when you press the switch and you have already ruled out other problems with your garbage disposal.


2. You need to press the switch multiple times for your garbage disposal to come on.


3. You would like to upgrade the garbage disposal switch for aesthetic reasons or because the old one looks old or damaged.


4. You would like to replace a wall switch with an air switch for garbage disposal or vice versa.


5. You think it would be more convenient to change the location of the switch and want to replace the existing switch with a garbage disposal switch under sink.


If there is a technical problem with your garbage disposal, inspect it thoroughly to rule out other issues before replacing the switch. A worn-out or broken switch could be the reason why you cannot get your garbage disposal to come on, but you should make sure that your garbage disposal isn’t clogged first. If you are not sure where the problem is coming from, have a plumber inspect your garbage disposal to diagnose the problem.


If you would like to replace the garbage disposal switch for aesthetic or for convenience reasons, ask yourself a few questions first. Figure out the best location for the new switch and ask yourself what kind of color, finish and style would work best with your kitchen.




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